Idea and production by Kambarov Igor

Year 2347. The source of life has been stolen from Earth. Faithful federal agent is trying to take mission of saving life on Earth under control, when he discovers that colonel that’s leading the operation wants to destroy the most part of humanity.

2 billion years ago, in solar system area, a crashed alien transport ship falls on the prehistoric Earth. On it’s board was a special cargo - A small crystalline formation, emitting a special kind of particles that gives to the matter a self-organization ability.

Year 2347. Another alien ship finds that source and takes it away from Earth. Life on Earth starts do decay. Professor Edward Mannings discovers the connection between the crystalline emanation and the ability of cells to transfer information. Also, far away in outer space he finds the source of a similar emanation, and Earth receives a chance to be saved, however the government of Earth sees a chance to solve the overpopulation problem. They start a secret program “All seeing eye” the goal of the program is to get the source of life and use it in their own interests.

Colonel Ray Stevenson (antogonist) is leading the operation. First objective is to take down a directional radio antenna to eliminate the threat of being spotted and keep total secrecy of the operation. That antenna is the only device on Earth that can find the new discovered type of emanation. Database servers with all professor’s Mannings research results located in it’s complex must be destroyed too. A tactical operations and cybersecurity specialist lieutenant Frank Myers (protogonist) has been chosen to complete that objective. Frank is a close friend
of professor Mannings. They had a ten year secret operation experience in common. At that moment, professor Edward Mannings is in official retrieval and his location is unknown. When Frank infiltrates the base, he meets professor Mannings there. Professor explains everything to Frank, why the government is trying to track him down, to eliminate him, to keep the secrecy, and what might happen if the “All seeing eye” operation will be successful. Frank quickly understands how high are the bids in that game, and refuses to follow the orders of colonel Stevenson. Frank tries to make secret files of “All seeing eye” public, but he doesn’t have time to do that. Stevenson redirects one of the meteorological satellites to fall and destroy the radar station. Frank Myers and professor Mannings had a narrow escape. They have tried to publish the secret files from another device, but the government had shut down the internet, Frank and professor got surrounded by police forces. Professor persuades Frank not to give up and flee, Frank agrees as police starts to fire at them. Professor gets heavily wounded, he asks Frank to prevent the “All seeing eye” operation from being accomplished, to overtake the expedition on the captive prison shuttle. That’s how he can prove his guiltlessness, and prevent the extinction of the most part of humanity.

Besides the emotional component of the story, a have a goal to talk about globalization problems, tools of manipulation and personal actualization of each human being in contemporary world. In manner of fictional story, carefully, to approach the extremes of our ideology. To talk about the absence of absolute evil, about good intentions that might lead to even worst scenario for the world than the pragmatic and cautious evil. About that one man can change the regular march of history.

I’d like to express some new visions of the eternal question, the meaning of life. To draw parallels with modern geopolitics. To show how character’s ideology changes during the story. I see this story as a classical confrontation of two polarities in methods and opinions. The difficulty of choice between right and wrong. Motivation of the characters is based on the simple foundations - the struggle for life, power, respect, justice and an ordinary revenge. Primary genre is adventure, the story is fascinating, with lots of good humor. Inspired by the example of stories like - Broken Arrow, Aliens, Iron Man, Indiana Johns, Die Hard, Cloud Atlas, Armageddon.

The movie is what I live for. A hobby and profession. I want to make a movie, to bring the ideas that can make the world better. In the end, it is a higher actualization of myself, to lead people trough the emotional spectacle to the knowledge. To light the Inspiration fire in them.


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